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Through HGL online money payment platform, we can help you buy goods from America, Europe, China & Dubai and deliver at your door step. Traders doing business in any country where HGL is located need not carry cash with them either going to Buy or Sell. The customer (Traders) simply pays money into a given HGL account at point A and the money received at designated point B in a matter of minutes.

Welcome to Hanana instant CashServicePlatform, we strongly value our customers and take our obligations seriously. We recognizes that, as a non-bankingfinancial institution, we are at risk of being exploited by money launderers. We fully recognize that we have both the social and civic responsibilities Corporate obligations to do all we can to prevent the abuse of our services. Hanana Global Linkis not a money laundering mechanism or Institution for suspecting criminals or corrupted government officials

  • Staff knowledge, awareness and training on regular basis.
  • Customer identification (KYC Policy, Know Your Customer).
  • Keeping records of all transactions.
  • Reporting of information.
  • Proper scrutiny of information given by the customers.
  • Never send money to someone you do not know personally

Hanana instant Cash is unique service platform linked with network marketing and residual income generating programs with varieties of desirable products like Cash2U, Cash4U, Card4U, Car4U and Club4U, all these programs are designed to accelerate cash transaction electronically and also put cash at your disposal to spend any time, any day, anywhere regardless of your geographical location Hanana Instant Cash allows you spend money either you have money or not Hanana Instant Cash also is designed to promote the four basic societal need, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportin association with other affiliated organizations both the strategic and commercial partners

Cash2U is economic demand driven need that have Amalgamated to excellent desired service and customer relationship with the present-day technology to deliver value for money. Hanana payment procedures and system are very fast, safe, secure and very efficient.

Cash2U primarily was designed for friends and relatives who need to send instant cash to their family, friends and love ones at different locations other than the senders’. Currently big business owners and institutions make use of this unique and secured service.

Cash2U is one of the fastest and secure way to send instant cash to your love ones or business partners at point “A” and collect it from“B” this is one of the simplest services, offered by Hanana Global Link.

Our exchange rates are very competitive and negotiable, our very low commission charges on our services put us ahead of our competitors. We place emphasis on security, accuracy and compliance. Our locations and working hours have been tailored for the convenience of our customers.

  • It’s secure – your money is guaranteed to be there within a short period
  • It’s personal – all our employees are capable and know our destination countries intimately
  • It’s convenient – with several offices across the Africa you’re never far from us
  • It’s available to everyone – you don’t need a bank account or credit card
  • It’s easy – just visit us and complete one simple form

Money Transfers can be made in a number of ways that are easy and efficient:

  • Visit Us - Visit any of our Office with cash and fill a simple form
  • You can deposit funds in any of the Banks listed below and notify your receiver to collect the cash being deposited by you in any of our offices in the countries below.
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana,
  • Eco bank Nigeria or Ghana
  • Diamond Bank du Benin SA - Cotonou, Benin
  • Diamond Bank Togo - Togo
  • Diamond Bank Senegal - Dakar, Senegal
  • Diamond Bank Côte d’Ivoire - Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  • Zenith Bank Plc Nigeria
  • First Bank of Nigeria

You can send and money from the following countries below

There are Ten (10) reasons why our revered client chooses Hanana Global link as the trusted partner for sending money to Families, Friends and their loved ones. Our hallmark is said to be Trust, Security and Timely delivery.

  • When you do business with us, our doors are opened to you, 24/7
  • When you do business with us, we locate the benefactor of the fund sent
  • When you do business with us, your Money is in safe and competent hands
  • When you do business with us, your Money will always get to its destination safely
  • When you do business with us, the risk of carrying cash and being robbed or losing your money in case of accident is completely erase
  • We offer top up fund services to Merchants needing instant cash to top-up for their goods and pay for shipment of the said goods.
  • We loyally provide the services of clearing and forwarding of goods for merchants to their desired destination

  • Our well trained and competent staff all over our network is always ready to help you send or receive your cash instantly.
  • We are ever ready to relieve you of the stress of queuing and put a smile on your face.
  • Cash - Collect funds in cash from designated branches
  • Account Credit – Have funds credited directly to your bank account

This is a special network marketing and promotional program. Hanana special program for free Cash by selling the program Access Coupons, this is designed to facilitate and foster socio-economic development systems based on cybernetic development training for unemployed graduates & under graduates to promote financial empowerment programs among the young African entrepreneurs with self-motivational programs, enterprise group development and management best practices in sub Saharan Africa.

In other words Hanana Cash4U Program is a comprehensive entrepreneurial training, marketing and development tool, designed to stimulate professional capabilities in young entrepreneurs for enterprise development and management best practices with practical development culture thereby providing efficient business modelling structures for incubating viable M/SMEs, and financing the resultant businesses from the Hanana business incubator in sub Saharan Africa.

The purpose of the program is to promote our commercial & strategic partners of the program to develop new start-up businesses for franchise, promote young and potential entrepreneurs and stimulate the private equity industry in Africa thus providing equity finance to companies with sound development potentials. This is a comprehensive ground-breaking idea with pragmatic result oriented business support program for start-ups and young entrepreneurs.

a) How to gets Hanana program Access Coupon for free Cash?

You can get Hanana Coupons from family and friends or from www.hananagloballink.com/coupon and pay the face value…

b) How to register or Activate the Access Coupon:

At the right hand corner of Hanana Global Link website and click on Coupon Activation, enter your details and pay for the registration or the Activation fee,

c) Access Coupon Registration or Activation Option:

After buying your access coupon you may text the access code of the coupon to the short code 2080. Take note the registration or the Activation fees will be deducted from your Mobile Money Account MMA automatically, thus if you have money in your MMA.

d) Benefits of Registration or Activating your Access Coupon:

It is very important to activate your coupon after buying your Access Coupon your Activation gives you the right to have the basic societal needs as your benefit for FREE.

i. Free Food in our network Restaurants for your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Supper for a month

ii. Free shopping on Clothing in all our fashion network Boutiques around the globe for a month

iii. Free Shelter: Access Coupon can get you free Housing, Lodging in Hotels for free or even buy a landed property for free

iv. Free Transport: Access Coupon gets you free Car Rental, Free Air Ticket, or even buy Car for free

v. Free Program Attendant: Access Coupon gets you to Attend most of our organized business and training conferences for free

a) The Registration or Activation Result?

1. After your activation new six (6) coupons are to your mail making you, the Activator as the sponsor. An instant sms message is sent to your mobile phone or by member homepage or by email www.hananagloballink.com/username confirming your activation status.

2. All the 6 new coupons are sent to you or the details of the coupon activator electronically.

3. All these six (6) coupons may thus be printed for sale to Family and Friends or love Ones

4. Your Access Coupon can get you free access to Food, Clothing, Shelter and Transport or

5. Your Access Coupon can get you free access to Any of our Added value program

6. Your Access Coupon can get you free VISA Debit Card to shop freely online

HananaCard4U™is engrained SIM on a plastic card dubbed the Global Card™ /gCard™designed strategically for effecting payment in real time in the Ghanaian business environment as well as other parts of the globe in our affiliate network. The gCard™ is a Pre-Paid VISA Card designed to promote and facilitate electronic payments processing and also by providing merchants and organizations the opportunity to directly offer their goods and services to clients in a secure pin-based transactions

HananaCard4Uor gCard™will directly IMPACT positive on the central Bank of Ghana’s (BoG) mission to build a relatively cashless economy in Ghana by promoting the Smartcards in the nation

HananaCard4Usolution introduced is a multi-faceted network marketing tool for payment facilitation and business development strategy. Tactically Card4Uis designed to foster entrepreneurial spirit, and franchise development culture, to promote enterprise management best practice and viable financial empowerment programs in the African economy.

It also illustrates an alternative and effective means of effecting payment in real-time. This eventually will network individuals, groups, corporate institutions/ bodies, churches, developmental agencies.

  • gCard™ will unveil an enhanced consumer purchasing power of cardholders – especially among the salaried workers, to access the four basic societal needs – Food, Clothing, Shelter and Transport in a relatively free manner
  • This program will upscale the standard of living of cardholders by offering them easier and cheaper access to a quality basket of goods and services hitherto inaccessible or unaffordable to the general public

In discussing the analysis of the smart card industry, it is important to identify with DR H.A.K. WAMPAH in Ghana when he was a deputy governor …., that“….. the growing demands of customer services driven by an expanding domestic ICT industry (has) prompted added features to the payments system to reflect emerging global trends in financial transactions……The focus (therefore, is) to gradually move the economy away from a cash based economy with its associated high transaction costs towards more efficient payment methods like cheques and electronic cards.”

It’s a known fact that Central Bank of Ghana (BoG) has consistently aimed at reducing over reliance on cash based transactions… Hence, BoG’s support for the use of...Sika Card, Mondex, eTranzact, eCash, e-Zwich Mobile Money… …. InCharge Card

  • These Prepaid Cards are used for:
  • cash deposits & withdrawals,
  • payment for goods and services,
  • balance enquiries & money transfers,
  • credit top-ups and payment of utility bills, …
  • In addition the gCard™presents a unique platform for
  • telephoning apart from effecting off and online payment
  • It represent health insurance card as an effective tool
  • by which million members can access relatively free health care and
  • keep their bio medical records intact as they keep the holding the Card
  • The gCard will increasingly augment
  • Banking without Opening Bank Account with ….
  • gCard™ is designed to mop up the excess liquidity in the market to the banking system.
  • The gCard™ makes easy access for medical practitioners to have access to the bio data especially the blood group of
  • accident victims
  • anemic patient
  • Allegis patient
  • The gCard system make and accept payments easily and securely over the major electronic payment platforms
  • internet
  • mobile phones
  • telephone bankingand
  • VISA Points of Sale (POS) devices

BoG’s aim to move the economy from a cash based to a cashless economy, will definitely have a boost with the introduction of the Hanana Card4U™ by Coris Bank™

Hanana Club4U, Incorporated is a 100% owned corporation that was established in 2013. Its primary objective is to provide high quality Business Development Service, Access to Market and Project Finance in Sub Saharan Africa to entrepreneurs who are searching for a profitable business and a reliable Strategic and commercial partners in all the sectors of the economy.

It has become more than a business to Hanana Global Link; living up to its philosophy “Helping People is Our Way of Life”, Hanana Club4U is making life-changing impact to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It has expanded its operations from its base in City to all the key cities of the Ghana as well as overseas.

Now on its second year of operation, the company’s continuing drive for excellence in all the facets of its operation is a resounding statement that a corporation can be at par, if not better, with foreign-owned corporations. Hanana Club4U is truly a world class company!

set the trend in outstanding consumer service and continuing pursuit of global competitiveness by utilizing top-notch facilities, marketing strategies, and systems designed to deliver high quality products and business opportunities worldwide

become a globally-recognized business association adhering to the highest standards of excellence through systematic marketing strategies, top-notch facilities and application of unique distribution scheme of world-class products and services

Credibility: A company worth of trust; remaining true to its purpose of providing optimum opportunity to all

Honesty: A company that observes and practices fairness and ethics

Equality: A company that offers and upholds the rights and privileges of those under its sphere without discrimination and prejudice

Resiliency: A company that adapts to the transitions and demands of the modern age, yet maintaining focus on defined corporate directions and goals

Integrity: A company that is steadfast to its principles, morals and standards

Sincerity: A company that advocates consistency, truthfulness and authenticity

Humility: A company that accords due reverence and gratitude to the Lord Almighty; it does not destroy nor detest the reputation of fellow institutions